Now the only admin is in the WhatsApp group Can post

Whatsapp group new admin update
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Now the only admin is in the WhatsApp group Can post

Whatsapp keeps adding some features to its group chat functionality. In the past few months, we have seen security for group details, catch-up feature, and those who are re-adding to the groups left by them.

Today, a new update has emerged for this group-specific item. There is a new setting on whatsapp which only allows the administrator to send message to the group. This update was necessary because we make groups to talk on a particular topic but in that group people make messages away from the subject which is not suitable for the group. The Facebook-owned service says it will be easy when the groups will be established as a way to deliver important announcements and information - groups for parents and teachers in schools, community centers and non-profit organizations.

Whatsapp group admin setting panel
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To turn on the new setting, open the group information, then click Group Settings> Send Message and select only Admin. Once the rollout is completed, it should soon create all users around the world.

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