Oppo Find X will be launch Global on 19th June in Paris

Oppo Find X will be launch Global on 19th June in Paris

           Oppo Find X will be launch Global on 19th June in Paris

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 Oppo Find X will be launch Global on 19th June in Paris

One of the leading brands in the smartphone market, Oppo has announced the upcoming launch of its new futuristic flagship smartphone, X. The company, which specializes in innovative technologies and sleek designs, brings its series of products to life. With the launch of the new model of its brand, which will be held at the Louvre Museum in Paris on June 19th. It will also have the opportunity to be deployed in France for France, but also in Europe. It was through the social networks and the brand's website that the name of this new smartphone, X was unveiled. This name is a reflection of the ongoing search for the Oppo innovation. For the letter "X", it refers to the unknown, the thrill and the extreme.

The high-end series "Find" is recognized for its innovative and leading technologies and sophisticated design. These facilities provide an exceptional experience to users through an advanced display and clean design.

Since its creation, the "Find" range represents the strong desire to combine Oppo's technology and aesthetics. The company has always been able to resume itself with basic features like sliding keypad, ultrathin smartphone, ultra-high-definition display and ultra-fast charging technology.

The first product X903 searches in the launch "Find" range in June 2011, was the best Android smartphone of its kind in China, due to its sliding keyboard and its very high performance. The launch of this category has allowed the Oppo to enter the smartphone market and make a perfect transition.

OPPO Finder, 6.65mm
In 2012, the smartphone market was saturated with thick and heavy products, Oppo decided to work and launch its ultra-thin smartphone, Finder. With a thickness of 6.65 mm, this mobile phone, by release, is the thinnest in the world. There was another innovative feature in it, with ultra-resistant double-thickness stainless steel structure, which ensures its firmness.

Main Characteristics:

The world's thinnest smartphone with only 6.65 mm thickness

Comparison of stainless steel structure compared to a Swiss Army Knife

Super  AMOLED screen more than 4.3 inch

OPPO 5, 1080p, get a new era of HD display

After the revolutionary change in the design of the smartphone, the OPPO has begun to develop another innovation with a new screen technology. Classic flagship products used standard 720P display, OPOPO launched 5 smartphones. With its impressive 1080p screen resolution and screen-off beauty design, Find 5 has proven unprecedented performance experience. In addition, with a remarkable design and full performance, Find 5 has not only generated 3 million sales but "Good Buy Recommendation Year" in PC Magazine and "If Product Design Awards»

Main Characteristics:

First 1080p screen in China

Screen-off beauty design concept

1300W HD Camera

Designated "Best Buy Recommendations" by PC Magazine

If Product Design Award

Search Oppo 7, 5-minute charge for 2-hour call
As smartphones become more powerful, the main problem is battery life. This area syndrome is suffering from "rapid consumption, slow charge". Oppo once again decided to stay innovative and continue to be one step ahead of its competitors. In 2014, the company launched Search 7 to give birth to the fastest charging technology in the world: VOCC Flash Charging.

Compared to traditional charging technologies, VOCC "Fast Charging" technology has quadrupled the charging speed of the battery and has kept its promise to "charge for 5 minutes, talk for 2 hours". To date, VOCC Flash Charging Technology is serving over 100 million users worldwide, and it is just beginning.

Main Characteristics:

VOCC Flash Charging

First 2 mobile phone screen

Notification Skyline by an indicator light

Multi-image sampling and synthesis techniques (up to 50-megapixel photos)

With its classic smartphone from the "Find" range, Oppo continues innovation by exploring new ways and focusing on technology and design. Oppo's decision to launch its X in the Louvre Museum, the world's most famous museum, underscores the company's vision. The launch of X will undoubtedly be an event at the height of 4 years which is waiting for it.

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