Snapchat Latest update now user's delete unread messages

Snapchat Latest update now user's delete unread messages

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Snapchat Latest update now user's delete unread messages

Have you ever sent a message to someone or group that you would like to dislike? Even with ephemeral apps where the message is only so long, it still happens. Whether you sent something in the heat of the moment or you made a mistake, but the press was sent before correcting it, the power to remove the already sent message has always been a user request. Snapchat is now adding a delete feature to your sent messages, unless another party has not seen it or opened it yet.

This new feature is not prominent and no official announcement has been made, but some users are able to find it already. You will now be able to delete the text, stickers, audio or photos sent through Snapchat's chat feature. Simply press on the send message and then tap on delete from the pop-up menu. Other options are saved in chat and copy, which you might want to delete, because you do not have to delete it.

Snapchat Latest update in his features now user's delete unread messages
The intended recipient will be able to see that you have removed something but they will not know what it was. If this group is a chat, they will all see that "everyone in the group can see that you've deleted something". Now if someone asks what it was, then you have the option to give the fifth argument or just tell them that you have made a mistake so remove them. Hope no one.

In other Snapchat news, version 2 of the spectrum is now available on Amazon. It seems that a much better device is connecting more with users because it is out of stock on Snapchat's website shortly after it was launched in April. Now that they are available online at the retail store, it can be even more attractive to some customers, especially those whose accounts are shipping or shipping over the same day on the same day. Its price is still $ 149.99 but you can not customize the color of your lens.

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