What is vpn, How it works? Advantage and disadvantages of vpn

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After listening to the word Vpn, the question arises in our mind that what is VPN, what happens and how we benefit from its use. Friends, today we will know about its uses and benefits and know where it is used. So let's start

Suppose a website is banned in a country, can we access that website from the same country, then my answer will be yes we can access via VPN when we open through VPN If we do, then we provide an Ordinary IP address and set our location in another country. Because of this we access the website, We came to know how we open ban website, but who is ban all these websites and ban on what to say, then all these websites would block our ISP i.e. Internet Service Provider (Jio, Airtel, Vodafone etc.) on the government's say Is there. We learned that we can open the website through VPN but we will know how to access it completely. Let's assume that google.com is ban in India when we search without VPN, our internet service provider will not let us reach that server, we will stop it already. But when we search this website by connecting to VPN, our service provider will not know that he is going to go to google.com, he will know that he is going to another server and send it through the service provider to the server through the router. But the server will know that he has to go to the server of google.com so that the service provider does not know which server the user went to at the end. Therefore, when we connect through a server through Vpn, it takes a lot of time, because we have to go to the real server on the server of Mumbai but Vpn does not take us to Mumbai's server and it will take us to the UK server and redirect from there By doing this, we get to Mumbai's server, This is why the connection is slow.

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Wifi is now also arranged in educational institutions, but students take advantage of it in the wrong thing, students use WiFi-less time in study and see movies, porn, etc. mostly. Hence all these websites are closed by the WiFi router. But even then those websites are accessed via Vpn.

Benefits of Vpn
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Vpn is used to keep our information secret as if we go through the server of Delhi through Vpn to Mumbai server, then that server will act as a tunnel, it will not interfere with any server and we cannot be able to trace.

 Disadvantage of VPN 
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 But what did we search and the server we went to, all this information would be known to the VPN provider and if the government wants to get that information from the VPN provider, we should not use free VPN as it can leak your search data, it will make your privacy a scam.

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