There is no need to share Aadhar with any government agencies: Official

There is no need to share Aadhar with any government agencies: Official

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New Delhi: A top official of the Central Agency has decided to never disclose the 12 digit base number to the citizens by announcing several measures on Wednesday. Strengthen the security of personal information stored in your database

"To mapping the Aadhaar, the Income Tax Department or other agencies required by law also have to give their Aadhaar numbers to the people and they can certify using the Virtual ID", Ajay, CEO of Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) Bhushan Pandey) told ET in a special interview. Pandey said, "The base will not come to the front device unless the customer likes it." Even during online filing activities for tax returns, the transaction will be forwarded by giving the virtual ID number instead of the base.

In one of the most important security upgrades by an eight-year agency, the UIDAI announced the creation of a "virtual ID", which can be used in return for the 12 digit base number at the time of authentication of any service. It also has limited information to authentication agencies. This step is expected to strengthen the confidentiality of confidentiality and prevent people's profiles by adding dozens of database related to the base in the country.

Citizens will also have an option for reverse - which is to not generate their virtual ID and continue to use their base numbers every time.

"(But) We have ensured that the service providers possessing the Aadhaar service will be able to prove it to use, but their network information will not be able to save in any way." Pandey said that if service providers resort to unscrupulous methods of getting the Aadhaar number, they will organize a "criminal offence" and they will be punished by law.

On Wednesday, UIDAI also started a limited KYC facility for its certification agencies, which were to restrict full access to demographic data. The agency will confirm the exact information needed for more than 350 requirements of its certification agencies.

"We will ask questions under the questions for which they demand KYC, which they are asking, in the end, the government and the law will determine which data should be provided. If any agency has only names and addresses Needed, why should he be given more? "Pandey said

UIDAI will organize these discussions in the next few weeks and prepare their system till March. "By June 1, all the certification agencies will have to implement the new system, if they do not do so, their license will be cancelled and they will only be booked when they are ready."

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