Facebook is killing "Technical glance 360" Snapchat with the format it created

Facebook is killing "Technical glance 360" Snapchat with the format it created

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After presenting tales in 2013, the most prominent feature of Snapchat has actually come into itself over the last two years.

In 2016, Facebook closes the Signature feature of Snapchat and press the Promise Bear. This process takes about the Internet while it's Instagram and no longer has to expand into other Facebook-owned properties such as WhatsApp. Now, some 14 months later, stories have become a force in the ever-followed social media scenario. Unfortunately for Snapchat, it did not happen on its platform.

According to TechCrunch, Facebook now has 150 million daily stories users.

On the other hand, Snapchat 1 million daily users around mid-September last year, but less than 150 million daily stories user. According to data leaked by the Daily Beast.

And if he was not bad enough, Snapchat had great problems on the horizons.

First of all, Facebook has recently announced that it has demanded monetization of its posts platform. If successful, there will be no doubt that advertisers will gradually change in large part to two platforms on their advertising budget - especially if you can not get any Related to Millenium Facebook to prove that the same rate, or Snapchat, at least

Must read:-Facebook is killing "Technical glance 360" Snapchat with the format it created

Equally disturbing is the lack of numbers behind two other Facebook-owned properties: Instagram and WhatsApp. While this feature is most suitable for Instagram mass, WhatsApp (and state facilities, including its stories) hit 450 million daily active users late last year.

Even more, Facebook is just starting out in space. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced tales of tales in comparison to the papers for some time. Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, referring to the statement, said that he was waiting for some time next year.

This is both an opportunity and a challenge for the company.

Facebook needs to sell lots of advertisements to make a profit from newsfeed to stories. This means that ads should not be targeted properly. Where Snapchat Excel does not, users keep busy that is to deliver sponsored type of material that is just waiting for the clock so they can continue their browsing.

With mid-roll video ads, it's off to a good start, but the stories will go above and beyond to make successful general video ads of kinds of materials needed to.

If this does not work well, then the steps for the stories will undermine your underlying advertising business. As users move into stories, they will spend less time on proven money CAF News Feed.

Even if Facebook fails, even if it does not have good news for Snapchat. Analysts believe that Snap 2018 is expected to bring about $ 1.19 billion in advertising revenue. It does not seem bad until the factor in the 2017 review, which is nearly identical.

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