The Simplest way to make a blog

The Simplest way to make a blog

  • The Simplest way to make a blog
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What is blog, Blog is a product of Google. like people make money by uploading videos on youtube, it is slightly different from those who are fond of writing or have creative ideas on their minds, It's a good way to earn money. It is a platform through which you can learn some good things to others, you can write an article in any field just depends on your Full knowledge about it.
So let us  know how to create a blog, it is very important to have a Gmail account to turn on the blog. I'll tell you all the things through the screen shot.
  So let's start
         First you will open the browser, (you    can use a Chrome browser for better browsing) After you open the browser, you can write in the search bar and go to the blogger's website, sign in and create blog option will come to you, then you sign
in with the Gmail account, after signing in, a pop up opens up. Title and blog address option will appear on this pop up.  fill it title

 and blog address option and click on create option, thus will be completed Your blog and you'll be able to write article on it.

You can write a post by clicking on New Post, after writing the post, you will click on the Publish button and the post will be published.

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