WhatsApp Launched Most awaited YouTube Picture-in-Picture Feature

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WhatsApp Launched Most awaited YouTube Picture-in-Picture Feature

The most awaitable feature YouTube picture-an image for Whats apps users has started officially rolling out the PiP feature. Download the updated version of whatsapp v2.18.11 from the App Store to drink new features.

Under this feature, if now the user gets a YouTube link then clicking on the link will play this video in the app itself. You do not have to go to another YouTube page by clicking on it.

One of the features of this PiP feature is that now, when watching the video, the user can go to another chat box and watch the video while chatting.

Third-party image reference

These videos will start playing in a small bubble window after clicking on the video link. Previously when the YouTube link was clicked which took this link to the YouTube page but now it has been very easy.
With this video bubble, there is also an option to play, pause, close window and full screen.

This feature of YouTube PiP is being rolled out just for Apple's device users i.e. iOS platform. This feature is not yet available for Android users. Hopefully the company will start it soon for Android.

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