Vivo will launches the world's first in display finger print scanner smartphone

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Vivo will launches the world's first in display finger print smartphone 

Apple has completely removed the phone's Home button and Touch ID from the phone to make its iPhone X phone as free of charge, because Apple was unable to install these display finger print scanners in the phone. That's why Apple has integrated the FaceID Security feature in the iPhone. But the Security Expert claims that the face ID is not as secure as the TouchID. Recently some such cases have come up, where Apple's face ID has been found to have failed. Since this time is an inexpensive fingerprint scanner in the bezel-free mobile and in the freezone phone, it is now possible to have an amazing feature that is now possible. In CES 2018, Vivo has launched the world's first in-display smartphone, Vivo's device will be named Vivo X20 Plus. Let us tell you how this technology works.

Ultrasonic sensor will make 3D map of the finger

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Vivo has joined hands with the company named Synthetics to make this technology possible, which has created this Touch ID. To make it, the ultrasonic sensor is used to replace the home button of the mobile. When we press the place with our fingers, the ultrasonic signal from the sensor collides with the finger through the OLED display. With the help of this signal, your finger has 3D mapping, so that your finger prints are read.

Slow from traditional touch id
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This process is slightly slower than the Traditional TouchID. While the traditional fingerprint scanner takes 0.2 seconds to unlock the phone, the in-display scanner takes 0.7 seconds. Also, your finger should not be wet for the in-display fingerprint scanner. The wet finger can not read it.

The company claims that this feature is completely secure.

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Synthetics has said that this feature is fully secure as a traditional scanner and is equally acute.

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Vivo X20 Plus CES is now launching in 2018, it will be rolled out in the market shortly. Only then can we claim this technology to be completely secure.

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