Helping you get right away, The Reaching-Garuda App

Helping you get right away, The Reaching-Garuda App

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Helping you get right away, The Reaching-Garuda App Jaipur. If you have a familiar problem you can immediately approach him for help. Staying at the time can help him. All this can happen from the Ryoqing Garuda app. Yes, Ryoqing Garuda is a way to provide emergency help to the victims of the APE accident and to the women trapped in trouble. For this, only one button will be pressed on the mobile and it will be immediately reported to the people of the house.
After taking a BE Mechanical (Hons) degree from MBM Engineer College Jodhpur, Sarthak Sharma from Jaipur resident has created this app. After getting treatment for delayed friend of the accident, Sarthak has considered making a useful app for the drivers. In May 2017, Sarthak created the Eminent Dynamic Pvt. Ltd. Startup Company and developed a recycling brand with a produced software. Its Garuda version is helpful in identifying accident of two-wheeler vehicles. At this time, information from the app is sent to the families, police, medical assistance, and mobile numbers at the time of trouble. A link is sent along with the information. This link has a map of the place. With the help of this map, the family can reach the accident site without losing time and can help the victim.

Rolling- Two-wheeler drivers in Garuda have also provided an SOS button and a hooter specifically for women, which is particularly useful in case of tampering or trouble besides an accident. The hootter will start playing by pressing the SOS button on fear of danger from the woman so that the attention of nearby people will be immediately supported. Apart from this, messages will also be sent to the people of the family, marked police and marked people. Reusing- Garuda is an automatic accelerated detection and women safety device and app, which is especially useful for the protection of two-wheelers (young people, women etc.).

Promoted to be meaningful
A competition was organized to showcase innovative ideas and innovative start-ups with the aim of promoting youth entrepreneurship in the India Industry Fair (IIF) -2018 held in JECCC, Sitapur, Jaipur. After the three levels of competition in the competition, full reorganization Garuda 'Best Startup Inspire Award' by Sarthak Sharma won a business consideration and social concern. Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje rewarded the meaningful in the IIF.

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