Big News for Xiaomi redmi users

Big News for Xiaomi redmi users

China's smart phone maker Xiaomi has launched several new smartphones in the Indian market over the last two years. Due to this the company has also made several records in the Indian market. It is worth mentioning that China's smart phone maker company Xiaomi is known for its cheap smartphone and great features. While another company has started selling expensive smartphones to consumers, the Chinese company is providing smartphones with the best features at affordable prices in the Indian market. Due to which the smartphone consumer is seeing great happiness.
Year 2017 is the year of the success of China's smart phone maker Shaoomi. This year, the company surpassed the best smartphone manufacturer Samsung Electronics and occupied the Indian smartphone market. Now Xiaomi has become India's Number One Smartphone Manufacturer Company.

It is worth noting that Indian consumers are provided with built-in smartphones, which is why the country's consumers are happily happy with the fact that they are being given a Made In India smartphone.
Xiaomi's new record of earnings made

Xiaomi has made several records of earnings in the year 2017. According to Manoj Jain, Indian managing head of Xiaomi, last year, Xiaomi had done business of 2 billion in India. Which is the largest amount earned by the company. According to the Managing Director, 2018, too, Xiaomi is going to be very good for consumers. This year, Xiaomi will move in the Indian market with many new projects. One glimpse of which is visible in the form of Redmi Note Five.
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