Top 10 smartphone of 2017

Top 10 smartphone of 2017

Year 2017 will always be remembered in the smartphone world. There are many reasons for this. This time there are some techniques that have changed the experience of smartphones. Whether it's iPhone X or Google Pixel 2. On one side, Galaxy Note 8 is betting on its best display, on the other hand, Shawmi launches a smartphone that will always be remembered due to the Bezel Lace Display and the best design.
Knows about the best smartphone that's on top this year.

iPhone X - Apple launched the iPhone X on the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, which became popular worldwide. Despite the initial price of Rs 89 thousand, the condition is that the company is currently unable to complete the demand.
Google Pixel 2 - Google has proved to this smartphone that there is no need to put two lenses for any of the smartphones that have a Bokeh Effect i.e. background blur. In terms of camera, this smartphone competes from iPhone X to other camera smartphones.
Galaxy Note 8 - In terms of display and performance, this Samsung tablet can easily compete with any high end smartphone. This tablet with dual cameras and olead displays is one of the best gadgets this year.
Galaxy S8 plus - Samsung's flagship smartphone has topped the past few years. This time too, we have kept it in top 10 smartphones. Regardless of the experience of camera, display and usage, this smartphone comes in every department. Performance is amazing and this smartphone is especially for those who want a compact smartphone which is the best.
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 - This smart phone of Shomei has been in the news headlines this year. The reason is its display and design. This smartphone has an unmatched bezel and its ceramic design separates it from any other smartphone. It is a beautiful smartphone and will buy it, then you will experience different experiences from any other ordinary smartphone. This is definitely one of the best smartphones of the year.
One Plus 5T - This company has launched this smartphone in the last of 2017, so it is yet to be reviewed. But on the basis of usage it can be placed in the top smartphone list. Bezel lace display, powerful hardware, display and its price makes it different from others.
iPhone 8 Plus - Apple's flagship iPhone 8 Plus, however, this year did not get much headlines because iPhone X is the reason. All the headlines found on iPhone X Although this smartphone is quite good and especially if the iPhone is purchasing for the first time, it will prove to be a good option for you.
Moto Z2 Force - Lenovo has a lot of potential in this modular smartphone. The display in it is shatter proof and has Snapdragon 835 processor in it. There are several modes for this, including the Moto 360 camera. Such mod differentiate this smartphone from the other.
LG V30 - LG's smartphones look great and build quality is Shanadar. The display is beside the lace and its camera is very good. This smartphone is also the best in terms of overall performance. As a display, the Olead panel has been used in that which makes it even better.
Nokia 8- HMD Global launches several Android smartphones this year. Nokia 8 is the flagship of the company and has a new feature in both the front and rear cameras that work together. This smartphone has many more features, but some features make it different from others, so we made it one of the best smartphones of the year.

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