This keyboard will tell the mistake of your English spelling

This keyboard will tell the mistake of your English spelling

While typing in the smartphone, spelling mistakes are sometimes made. We do not even remember that spelling at that time. So far there was no such keyboard on Android phones that corrected automatic spelling. Only on iOS was already present.

Recently, the famous Grammarly Keyboard for English Grammar has now been launched on Google PlayStore. After this, it will now be able to use the Android user in their phone. This application removes impurities from words and sentences written in English.
For example, if users are typing important email, linked message or Facebook post on the phone and in this case your mistake is made in English, due to these mistakes your image may be down on social media. With the help of this keyboard, users will be able to remove the impurities in English.

The company claims that this app does not steal user's highly sensitive information nor does it deliver to another user. According to Tech World, the app can block the information of the credit card or debit card in the phone, which also blocks them. This app is available on Google PlayStore with the name Grammarly Keyboard - Type with confidence.
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