How to earn money from Google at Home

Do you know that the search engine Google can easily make money by sitting at home with you. Yes, without extra time you can get money from Google in jokes. So let's tell you today about the three things you can do for Google.
             Google has launched Google Opinion Rewards in India. You have to give your opinion for some surveys and in return you get 10 per survey. If you do 10 surveys every day, you can earn up to 3000 rupees for one month. With these rows you can buy anything from Google PlayStore. You can easily download this app from Google Play Store.
To earn money from Google, you just need to download Screenshive Media Panel. This app will only be downloaded and placed in your phone. You will get 300 rupees for signing this app only. With this, your ten-ten rupees will be increased every day. Let's say that through this app, Google tracks what sites you are visiting and what are searching.
If you do not have trouble sharing this information then this app can benefit you. Google gives you cash as a cash credit card, Shopper's Stop and Lifestyle as these money earned through this app.
                 The third way to earn money from Google is to upload photos to Google Maps. In fact, through the Google Maps Guide, you have to answer some questions on Google Maps.
In addition to guides to others, you can upload photos and reviews of R market place. Actually this helps other people searching on Google Maps.
                  You will be given the OLA Selector Expos Coupon with the money worked out. Through this you can book the Ola's prime car at low fares.
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