Do you know, how much it costs to make a 4g smartphone

Do you know, how much it costs to make a 4g smartphone

After the arrival of Jio, the Indian telecom industry has also witnessed a lot of radical changes in the Indian telecom industry. It is heartening to see that today the entire India is using 4G networks.

A 4G smartphone is also required to use the 4G SIM. There are different types of smartphones in the market today but do you know what is the real cost of a 4G smartphone or mobile phone?

According to Tech Expert, to create a simple 4G phone, mobile phone maker companies have to spend Rs 800 to 900, but due to different features and specifications in every mobile, this price keeps on rising and growing.

4G directly means that a device that can transmit data with speed of 100 Mbps and mobile companies have to spend 800 to 900 rupees to run this technology smoothly in mobile but you get that mobile therefore expensive Because these companies will not only give you a 4G phone but also provide other facilities with the camera.

In addition to these, mobile companies have to pay a huge amount in the form of tax as well as the government has to pay a normal 4G mobile reaching your hands from 2000 to 2500 rupees.
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