Ancient Egyptian Mami DNA associated with advertently

mystery of Egypt name take in mind the first Mami of care comes researchers mummies human DNA a valuable discover the secrets of which the ancient Egyptians genetic secrets of exposure to, particularly modern Egyptian people with all these linked. This research is shown that mummies population of Egyptian people living in the genetic root much different.
A report, the team has 1380 B.C. between buried on 90 mummies from the data used. He found that mummies closest to the relative an area of ancient farmers were, in which the modern Israel and Jordan country are included. Last searches has already Egypt and the middle East between the potential about relationships said. But new study it proves that between real genetic relationship already are.
Evolutionary anthropologist Omer Gokumen said that the study of genetic level is a valuable evidence provided are. Researchers said that it is possible that nearly 700 years ago in Egypt sub-Saharan African DNA an pulse which was Egypt and Africans the Southern part of met. However, it is the middle East for people mummies close relationship matches does not.
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